Hair Raising for cancer research

Ongoing ACRF fundraiser, Carmel McMahon, recently held an impromptu ‘Hair Raising Party’. The event was in honour of her friend, Annie, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment and had recently lost her hair. As always Carmel put together a fabulous evening in her backyard for what she considered a “small gathering” of 50 people!

During the event a number of people shaved their heads in support of Annie, and even one 30 year old moustache was shaved off for the cause. Everyone “had a ball” and $1000 was raised for cancer research!

The Foundation would like to offer our best wishes to Annie in her ongoing treatment – our thoughts are with you. Also huge thanks to Carmel for all her outstanding events held for us over the years and for the generosity of all who attend these wild and wonderful events! Looking forward to the next one!!