GreenLight Australia BRW Mini Triathlon

Gary, Conor and Dennis write about their motivations for taking part in the 2009 – BRW Mini Triathlon and for supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation:

On Christmas Eve 2008 in Sydney, a close friend’s little boy was diagnosed with leukaemia. Koby is a beautiful boy of 2 ½ years, and he is fighting hard to overcome this cancer.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is set up to fund research to find cures for cancer, so we are going to complete the BRW Mini Triathlon on April 5th, and all proceeds we receive will go directly to the ACRF.

Athletically, Conor and Gary are questionable! So hopefully Dennis will spur us on to get a respectable time on the day.

Training Update: Training is going well – Dennis is dusting off his 1978 vintage Raleigh racer and is doing cross country runs and some swimming. His daughter recently won gold at the junior Olympics so he is pretty fit.

Conor has just completed a 400m swim for the first time in his life at the local pool (remember the 400m swim in the triathlon is in the harbor!!). He runs to and from the pool and gets out on his bike fairly regularly.

Gary is getting up early and doing some cycling around the hills near his home before work – when he gets enough sleep the night before (he has a recent 3rd child that is 6 weeks old), and is also doing some soft sand running at Bondi and gets into the water when he can.

Gary, Conor and Dennis.

Green Light Australia Team