Goodman Group thinks outside the box with a corporate charity challenge at Cradle Mountain!

Many organisations are starting to combine philanthropic work with leadership development charity challenges, ensuring their staff members achieve a personal sense of fulfillment as well as a physical and professional one.

These charity challenges often include a fundraising goal, asking teams to work together to fulfill their campaign for cancer research.

Global property experts, Goodman Group, are currently preparing their leadership team for a six day charity challenge to Cradle Mountain, TAS, which will include all the bells and whistles: leadership workshops, physical endurance, and a $10,000+ fundraising target for world-class cancer research in Australia.

This upcoming charity challenge is set to be an amazing experience for the Goodman team, if last year’s trip is anything to go by.

Having completed the Larapinta charity challenge in NT last year, Samantha Evans from Goodman said, “I felt that this trek was a reward for working hard at Goodman but that it was also the chance to learn a bit more about myself and how I could be a better leader within the business.”

“The strengthening of the relationships between the team was something that I think will never be eroded.  We had an amazing response to the fundraising aspect of the trip. We made $30,000 for cancer research which we are all very proud of.”

By becoming involved in a corporate charity challenge, your staff will not only participate in workshops which focus on overcoming workplace challenges and building leadership skills, but they will also be helping the ACRF in our vital campaign for cancer research.

For more information about corporate charity challenges please click here or contact fundraising@acrf.com.au.