Give it up: Regular giving for cancer research

You can become a Partner in the Cure by making a regular gift to cancer research!

This month, we are celebrating the incredible Australians who make monthly donations to break-through cancer research. These individuals are called ‘Partners in the Cure’ and they are characterised by their long-term, passionate commitment towards finding the treatments and cures for cancer.

Every donation – large or small – received by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation goes to research with the power to beat cancer. That’s right – 100%. We don’t use any donation dollars to fund our administrative, marketing or operational costs, which means your monthly donation is able to work faster for the future of Australian lives.

What could you give up?

Use our gift chart below to work out how much you can afford to give!

Monthly donations

1x Lipstick

= $5 / month over one year


Regular charity donations
1x eye compact
= $10 / month over one year




Regular charity donations


1x perfume
= $15 / month over one year



Regular charity donation


1x cut, colour and style
= $20 / month over one year



Contact us for more information.

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