Experience the rainbow with this cancer fun run!

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to become more active, healthier or fitter? Why not kick start your 2014, and your resolution, with a cancer fun run with a difference?

Color Me Rad is a 5km cancer fun run where participants are showered in colour as they race towards the finish line!

Color Me Rad has announced its inaugural Australian race on February 23 at Sydney’s Motor Sport Park out at Eastern Creek. In this un-timed event, the focus is purely on fun, and the fitness is an added bonus! What better way to kick off a health and fitness goal?

You will start the cancer fun run spotlessly clean, before being bombarded with colour that drenches you from head to toe! At one point runners will be literally showered with colour, as they bypass our very own fire-engine – loaded with colour bombs – generously provided by our amazing volunteers, the Rapid Response Team.

Best of all, as the frenzy and excitement of the race takes over; you will know that you have become a part of something special. The ACRF is the official charity of the Sydney race and by registering using the code ‘ACRF25’, 25% of your entry fee will go towards funding world-class cancer research!

If you’re looking to tackle a fitness goal amongst the madness, we would love to help you set a fundraising target. When your family and friends pitch in with donations to cancer research, your Color Me Rad experience will become even more meaningful.

So kick start your year with the most colourful of cancer fun runs –  get silly, go nuts for colour throws, colour cannons and get wrapped up in the rainbow!

To register for Color Me Rad 5KM please click here.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to the Rapid Relief Team who will be manning all volunteer stations for our Color Me Rad campaign! This awesome event wouldn’t happen without them, so if you see them on the course please give them a very friendly hello and high five!

If you’d like to volunteer for Color Me Rad – or if you have any enquiries please contact our fundraising team at fundraising@acrf.com.au.