Cienne’s birthday donations go to ACRF

Cancer research is something that I am keenly interested in. I recently started training in medical oncology and we see incredible stories unfold constantly: of cure, of relapse, of begrudging acceptance of a slow-growing cancer as an unwelcome housemate. We also occasionally see healthy bodied students, lawyers, builders, musicians, farmers, teachers, engineers – to list a few – who don’t survive the unexpected malignancy. Sadly, their families can do nothing but watch the relentless and devastating effect of cancer on their loved ones. We also see many people whose cancer treatments have been successful; they get back to work and to caring for their family.

Constant improvements in therapy through research are providing outcomes that were once unthinkable. Reflecting on all of this, donations on my birthday for cancer research instead of presents seemed like a perfect idea. Thank you to every one of my amazing generous friends and family; it was thrilling to commemorate my 30th by helping to give others a chance at a few more birthdays too.