Carmel McMahon hosts toga party for cancer research

One of our most dedicated fundraisers, Carmel McMahon, certainly knows how to throw a party – recently dazzling around 80 guests at the 2010 toga party for cancer research.

With an abundance of entertainment on offer throughout the night, the event catered to guests of all ages from seven months to 81 years supporting cancer research.

A combination of three soft rock acoustic bands set the mood on a fantastic balmy starlit night, and around $3,000 was raised at the event through raffles, auctions and donations.

Hosting a major fundraising event since 2005, Carmel and her dedicated supporters place great care in bringing guests a beautiful and meaningful dinner event each year and encouraging donations for vital cancer research.

Like many of our supporters, sadly, Carmel lost her mum and sister to cancer several years ago. Carmel herself was diagnosed with asbestosis but is determined to fight cancer head-on and rid future generations of this horrible disease.

Thank you Carmel and all your supporters for helping our brilliant researchers continue their work in developing vital cancer treatments – every dollar of every donation counts to this common goal.