Brighid gets a buzz cut

Headshave eventMy aunt passed away a few years ago to cancer and that really opened my eyes to the struggle that cancer patients go through. Despite so many advances in diagnosis and treatment over the years, there is still not a lot of hope for a cure for some types of cancer. I decided to support cancer research because it is the only way to find those breakthroughs that will end all cancers.

I am nearly 16 now, in grade 10 at high school, love playing volleyball with the Dragons, and spending time with my friends. When looking at ways to raise money, I decided on getting a buzz cut. It was a simple way to fundraise, and I really liked that my hair would be donated to make a wig for a child going through cancer treatment.

Choosing which is the best cancer organisation to support can be confusing. I came across ACRF during an internet search, liked what they’re doing to fund research into all types of cancer, and found it very easy and efficient to create my own personal fundraising page on their website.

Thanks to my generous friends, family and with my own donation, it was awesome to exceed my goal of raising at least $2,000. I’d say to anyone who wants to fundraise to just reach out to as many people as you can, in every way that you can. Raising money and awareness for cancer research is something we can all support.


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