Avril takes on the Venice Marathon in memory of Silvana

On Sunday 27 October, ACRF supporter Avril Henry took on one of the most famous and scenic marathons, the Venice Marathon, in Italy.

Avril is an avid runner and this year alone has raced in several endurance events raising funds for cancer research in Australia. The Venice Marathon was to be her last, as well as her most significant, charity challenge for the year.

Avril was running in memory of several loved ones that she lost to cancer last year – including her good friend from South Africa, Blanche, as well as her beloved neighbour and good friend, Silvana.

Avril told us, “Having completed all of my local events, I’m now going to Italy – to where Silvana is from – to honour her memory, her enormous capacity to love and her generosity of spirit. If I am able to make a difference to another friend, mother, sister or daughter in Silvana’s memory, that is all that I can hope for.”

Silvana was sadly only 38 when she died. Her cancer was quite rare – a very aggressive breast cancer. But according to Avril her favourite line whenever asked how she was doing was: “I believe in miracles.”

“She was such a strong woman. A strong daughter and sister. And an inspiration to me. Sometimes I would walk away from one of our conversations and wonder if I had just spoken to an angel – she was never a victim and she never complained, not once,” said Avril.

Avril completed the race in an amazing five and a half hours and has so far raised a most generous $15,440 for world class cancer research in Australia. We are so humbled by Avril’s generosity and dedication. We can’t thank her enough.

About the race Avril said, “Beautiful scenery, great race and spectacular finish in Marks Square, knees and leg muscles are very sore, but ecstatically happy! Silvana enjoyed the fun on my back”

We’d like to thank Avril for her fantastic fundraising achievement and for taking on such a massive challenge in support of the ACRF!

If you are interested in running in an international marathon for a cause please contact us here.