Article lists ACRF at 7% fundraising cost ratio – a response from Chief Executive, David Brettell

This morning, a number of newspapers around the country ran a story about costs incurred by Australian charities.

The story heralded a new government initiative for charity reporting, to ensure transparency in financial accountability where donations are concerned.

The financial data published for ACRF relates to the year ending 31 December 2010, and all data is correct.

However the reported cost ratio of 7% could be misinterpreted, because ACRF fundraising costs are NOT funded through donation dollars. As our supporters know, every dollar of every donation we receive goes to cancer research, while we fund all operational costs through the returns from our investments.

The ACRF supports efforts by regulators to ensure that charities are held accountable for dollars they receive in donations. ACRF also supports efforts to ensure national consistency in reporting methods and standards.

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