Castle Hill Art Society fundraiser

Throughout the month of July, the White House Gallery was home to an exhibition with a difference. Among the items on display were a very special collection of art and jewellery in support of cancer research, put together by four members of the Castle Hill Art Society. The special display included two beautiful artworks and a lovely Swarovski necklace, all to be raffled off at the end of the month for the Foundation.

Rosanna Spencer, the organiser of the exhibition, said the exhibition was a “great success” with many pieces of art and jewellery being sold. The event was even attended by the Castle Hill Mayor, Cr P. Dimbrowsky who was presented with a gift pastel portrait that Rosanna did the day the exhibition opened! A fantastic $460 was raised for cancer research from this wonderful event.

Special thanks to Rosanna for putting the event together, and to artists Judy Adam and Birgitta Horst for donating their artworks.

For more information about how you can raise money for cancer research using your artistic talent or as part of your hobby, visit our fundraising page.