Adelaide University Mathematics Society gets quizzical for cancer research

Cancer fundraising

The Adelaide University Mathematics Society (AUMS) quiz night is major highlight in the university semester 2 calendar. The annual event provides support to a worthy cause each year, with the 2012 quiz night supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

The sellout event brought together 14 tables of individuals keen to be part of the fun and competition, and to wow others with their fantastic knowledge. The night involved raffles, games, competitions as well as the much anticipated quiz questions which would determine the winner of the Parrot Shield. The quiz night was a battle amongst the many teams of students and staff from the mathematical sciences school.

The largely successful evening was attended by many teams of students and staff from the school of mathematical sciences, and the overall title was a tough battle. The winners of the evening, to be etched into history on the Parrot Shield were ‘BanAna Man’. The other winner on the night was cancer research thanks to the wonderful cancer fundraising throughout the night!

The ACRF would like to thank the AUMS and all the attendees on the night for your generosity in contributing $1,500 to cancer research!