ACRF funded ProCan to be part of the ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative

ACRF Procan cancer research facility


ACRF International Centre for the Proteome of Human Cancer (ProCan™) at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) will be part of the ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative led by the United States’ Government. The ProCan™ project was included in an agreement announced yesterday by the White House, which links ProCan™ to the ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden.

ProCan™ was established with the help of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s 30th Anniversary grant, awarded in December 2015.

“The Australian Cancer Research Foundation and its supporters are very proud to have provided the $10 million grant that facilitated the purchase of the equipment essential to the initiation of this ambitious international program,” said Dr Ian Brown, Chief Executive, Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“ProCan is designed to improve our knowledge of cancer and the treatment of patients. ProCan will be immensely strengthened by the collaboration announced by the US Vice President J Biden with United States researchers and clinicians.”

“The 30th Anniversary Grant for $10 million is something ACRF is very proud of. We knew that a grant of this magnitude would make a real difference, stimulate new ideas and bring us closer to our goal which is to end cancer,” Dr Brown continued.

Using specialised equipment ProCan will analyse about 70,000 cancer samples from all over the world during the next 5-7 years. This will provide a searchable library for researchers and clinicians to enhance our understanding of cancer. It will also provide a means of personalised, precision diagnosis and treatment, giving clinicians the tools they need to decide on the best option for each individual patient.

ProCan has also been awarded a significant grant from the NSW Government. The multi-million-dollar injection from the state government will help fund crucial ‘big data’ analysis infrastructure and expertise to enable ProCan to achieve its goals, which also include facilitating collaboration and access to research results that will boost cancer research efforts worldwide.

“ACRF stands behind ProCan because we believe it will not only advance basic research into new and better cancer treatments but soon it will also help doctors rapidly choose the best existing treatment for their patients,” said Dr Brown.

“It is terrific to see ProCan attract additional investment. ACRF grants provide funding to scientifically validated projects and have seen many projects grow as a result of an initial investment made possible by our donors. We can’t thank them enough.” Dr Brown concluded.