ACRF continues support for Melbourne's PeterMac

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) recently paid the third instalment of a significant financial grant to Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Of the recent $2.5 million grant the ACRF awarded to the institution it has now paid $1,795,996 and Peter Mac has purchased state of the art equipment for gene screening and analysis as part of the ACRF Cancer Genomic Program.

Cancer research at the Peter Mac facility involves over 400 laboratory-based scientists, clinician researchers and support staff, chemists, statisticians, physicists, research nurses and allied health professionals involved in basic, clinical and translational cancer research.

ACRF funding will provide a new transmission electron microscope, confocal imaging system for live cells, digital imaging workstation and fluorescence capability improvements for DNA and RNA analysis. Peter Mac’s cancer research spans fundamental studies in cancer cell biology, translational studies involving specific human cancers, and extensive clinical trial activity and advanced cancer imaging.

The ACRF-funded equipment forms the centerpiece of the ACRF Cell Biology Program at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation this year celebrates 25 years supporting Australia’s leading cancer research scientists. The Foundation has awarded $55 million to 25 institutes around Australia and almost $30 million in the last three years.

The funding provided by ACRF has had a significant impact on progress in overcoming cancer.

Ten years ago a grant was made to Professor Ian Frazer for his groundbreaking research into cervical cancer. Today the vaccine developed as a result of that research is saving the lives of girls and young women in 90 countries across the globe.