ACRF concerned over potential cuts to cancer funding



ACRF urges the government to re-think any planned cuts to medical research funding.

“We’re puzzled,” said the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Chief Executive, David Brettell, “Take away research funds and it’ll be no surprise when great science slows, researchers either change jobs or head overseas, and patients unnecessarily suffer when they can’t access fast, effective treatments.”

ACRF recognises the vital need for continued, strong investment in medical research, so much so that it has set out to double its own cancer research funding over the next five years.

“At a time when the need is greatest, when great progress is being made, the National Health and Medical Research Council could have its funding cut by up to $400 million” Mr Brettell said.

“Research is an investment and we support the view that this important industry should not be tampered with. ACRF has provided $48 million to cancer research in the last six years and we are spurred on to double our funds because Australian scientists have achieved great things and continue to punch well above their weight on an international stage.

“But ACRF, or any other charitable institution for that matter, cannot possibly hope to meet the needs of cancer researchers that may occur in the event of cuts.

“The dollars we provide act as seed money for large-scale projects, and this is where the government needs to understand its responsibility. Cancer research must have continued support to help radically speed up discoveries – that is, after all, what cancer patients really need.”

ACRF proudly funds all types of cancer research, all across Australia. It supports the Discoveries Need Dollars initiative for sustained medical research funding.