2010 ACRF grant recipients

The 2010 ACRF grants – totalling $8.5 million – will fund two new cancer divisions, a scanner for imaging tumour development and state-of-the-art genomic technologies. Since 1987 the Foundation has provided 41 grants totalling almost $71 million to Australian cancer research institutes ($48 million of which has been awarded in the last six years). This year four grants have been awarded to four cutting edge research projects around the country.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne have received a $2million ACRF grant to assist funding the Institute’s two new cancer divisions (Stem Cells & Cancer / Chemical Biology). This will significantly increase their capacity for independent biomedical research, enhance their outstanding track record in cancer stem cell investigation, and cancer cell biology programs (especially breast and lung). Click here for interview with Institute Director Professor Doug Hilton

The Western Australian Institute for Medical Research – ACRF Cancer Imaging Facility have received a $2.4million ACRF grant to fund a highly expensive scanner for imaging tumour development, confocal equipment, microscopic equipment for envisaging tumour growth, and ultrasound equipment for locating tumours. This will maximise Western Australia’s capacity to promote innovation in cancer research, and ensure a high quality imaging hub to facilitate world-class cancer discoveries with direct relevance to clinical outcomes. Click here for interview with Deputy Director Professor Peter Leedman

The Monash Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne – ACRF Centre for Cancer Genomics Medicine have received a $1.6million ACRF grant to purchase state-of-the-art genomic technologies to facilitate cancer genomic research, including microRNA expression profiles and DNA methylation analysis critical for cancer epigenetic research. Their scientists have a strong track record in molecular genetics research and this new equipment will help maintain their high quality. Click here for interview with Institute Director Professor Bryan Williams

The Garvan St Vincent’s Campus Cancer Centre (Kinghorn Cancer Centre) received a ‘top up’ $2.5million ACRF grant in honour of the Late Lady (Sonia) McMahon as an extension of the grant they received in 2008. This grant will support the research components which will be part of a world-class comprehensive cancer centre. Read the full story about the Garvan St Vincent’s Campus Centre Grant.

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