2009 Martin Mahy RIP


Staff of the ACRF were saddened to learn of the recent passing of one of the Foundation’s most enthusiastic supporters, Melbourne musician and teacher Martin Mahy.

As many would recall – Marty had organized two successful fundraiser rock and roll concerts for the ACRF over the past 6 months.

Recently, the musician organised a benefit concert for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation attended by a large crowd of young music enthusiasts at the school hall of the De La Salle College in Malvern, Victoria.

Despite the fact that he was battling brain cancer as well as serious lung and liver tumours and regularly underwent chemotherapy, Mahy took to the stage to perform with a drummer and lead guitarist in his band Mayhem.

He did so once again April 24 at the Dan O’Connell Hotel in Carlton with a line up of acts including Simon Windley, Radiostar, Soft Vishnu and his own band Mayhem with two new singers.

Mahy, who was also a 13-year Physics teacher at the De La Salle School, said he wanted to raise funds for a credible institution and therefore chose the ACRF.

“I wanted the money to go to someone who would use it well and the ARCF was recommended to me.”

“I checked out its website and was suitably impressed, it seemed like the real deal for me.”

If there is a rock and roll heaven, then there is a new member in the band tonight.

Our thoughts are with Marty’s wife and family during this time.

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