Shaving for Frankie

Little Frankie is still in kindergarten but already knows what it is like to undergo chemotherapy and to lose your hair, after being diagnosed with Leukaemia. 

Frankie’s family wanted to do something to support cancer research, so they decided to cut and shave their hair for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). Mum Elyse, Dad Josh and even baby Juno decided to take on the challenge. 

Frankie, the inspiration for the headshave

When Frankie heard the news, she said “We’ll all look like babies!” 

Frankie’s Mum, Elyse, said “Frankie is still feeling fancy with the little bit of hair that she has left but this too will soon go, and we would shave our heads a thousand times to make her feel even a little bit more ok with it, although she is taking it in her stride like the brave little queen she is. 

The ACRF goal of Zero Childhood Cancer is obviously especially close to our hearts. Watching our kinder kid go through chemotherapy is heart breaking, as is seeing babies, toddlers and school kids going through it alongside her” Elyse continued. “I’m sure all of us wish we could do something in some way to help any child with cancer on their journey.” 

The family has raised an incredible $18,911 and Mum Elyse donated her hair as well. Frankie also popped her little ponytail in the post bag, hoping to help another child like her. 

“Science has given Frankie a fighting chance to ‘kick leukaemia in the butt’ as a little friend of Frankie’s wrote to us,” Elyse says. “Thank you to everyone who is cutting, colouring or shaving their hair for cancer research and for raising money to support the scientists that have given Frankie this chance at life, which to us, is priceless.”