Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Darling is Mum to three teenagers, and on 24 March 2020, she was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. The very next day after diagnosis, before she had time to digest the news, Rebecca met with her thyroid surgeon to discuss surgery. 

On the 6th April, Rebecca was admitted to hospital and underwent a total thyroidectomy and a central neck dissection. 

Unfortunately, on the 7th April, Rebecca’s arm swelled and a large lump appeared on her neck and she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Chyle Leak. Rebecca underwent surgery again that was not successful, and a haematologist was called in to assess her. 

On the 9th April, Rebecca underwent her third surgery in four days. She went through a harrowing and difficult process which required a tube to be inserted into her ribs to drain fluid. Rebecca was in intensive care for 11 days then underwent injections 5 times a day for months as well as taking numerous medications and undergoing a strict diet. 

Thanks to research and the surgeons and specialists, Rebecca has recovered from surgery, completed radiation and is looking forward to a brighter future. 

Through it all, Rebecca’s 15 -year old daughter and 13-year old son were there to support her. “I have amazing children who have been my rock through my cancer diagnosis,” Rebecca says. 

In September 2020, Rebecca and her daughter, Ebony, shaved their heads and her son and older daughter dyed their hair blue, the nominated colour for thyroid cancer awareness as part of the ACRF Hair Dare. The family raised over $1500 for cancer research.