Soda Baby Boutique – Supporting Cancer Research

Danielle Gill, founder of online designer baby clothing and baby gift store Soda Baby Boutique wrote to ACRF about her motivations for supporting cancer research via her small business:

“We respect that The Australian Cancer Research Foundation contributes every dollar of our donation to cancer research and we believe that this cutting edge research is saving more lives worldwide as every year passes. Our family has been touched by cancer, as I imagine many Australian families have, and it is my hope that my children and their children will not be faced with the fear of cancer in their lifetimes. I live in hope that the generous donations to charities such as the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and scientists such as those supported by ACRF will see the fruits of their labour and reduce the cancer rates and make the lives of cancer sufferers easier.

“Our store is not large but I know that ACRF appreciates our efforts to fundraise through our online store, and I hope that our support will help to raise awareness of the great work that they are doing, and also to inspire other small business to make donations.”

“Our store donates $1 for every purchase as well as prompting customers to make their own contributions.”

Danielle Gill

Soda Baby Boutique