Penny's pizzas raise big dollars for cancer research

Chef Penny Bucur recently turned her passion for making mouth-watering gourmet pizzas into a fundraiser for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

To celebrate the 10th birthday of her Canberra restaurant ‘Pizza Arte’, Penny held a benefit bash, serving up her famous pizzas and raising more than $1500 for the ACRF in the process.

“My house specialty pizza features tomato, bocconcini, shaved prosciutto and basil,” said Penny, whose restaurant is located just a stone’s throw from Parliament House.

Penny’s husband Michael passed away in October from prostate cancer, but before he died, he and Penny agreed that the proceeds from their restaurant’s 10th birthday would go to cancer research.

“While my husband was being treated we met some fantastic doctors and health care workers and we realized how many people are affected by cancer,” she said.

“We really wanted to do something to raise money into research against the disease,” said the cook who was born in Romania but now considers herself ‘Italian’.

“My kids found the ACRF on the Internet and we thought you were the perfect place to receive our funds.”

Thank you so much for your generous support Penny and “manja che te fa bene” (“carry on, eating is good for you” in Italian) :o)

For more information about fundraising for the ACRF, click here.