Emma runs City2Surf to fund life-saving research

My name is Emma, I’m a mother of three and I’m from Burradoo, NSW. I work in the mental health field, as a social worker, and also at Western Sydney University, supporting students and staff mental health and wellbeing.

My family has been directly impacted by cancer in the last few years.

My beautiful sister Kate was diagnosed this year with Leukaemia (CML) and is now gratefully benefitting from wonderful cancer research that means she is on a drug trial, working towards recovery.

I love the direct impact cancer treatment research can have on a diagnosis. Without research and studies, there may be very different outcomes for my family.

Emma and her daughter Gabriella, who encouraged her to enter City2Surf

I didn’t think I would be running City2Surf this year – to be honest, I signed up two weeks before the race. I last ran this event when I was 15 years old, back in the mid-1980s! But with some convincing from my daughter, I decided I would attempt it this year.

With family fighting cancer you become more aware of how precious life is. Although I am a generally fit person, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it through the race – the last time I ran 14km was 35 years ago!

Race day came, and guess what – I actually surprised myself at how much fun it was, and how easy it was once the adrenalin got flowing!

I know cancer directly changes people’s lives so suddenly.

My life has been impacted significantly over the last few years. My lovely mum died of cancer just three years ago, and my sister Kate is now benefitting from a drug trial that is treating her leukaemia.

Running a fun run, on a sunny day in gorgeous Sydney seemed an easy but poignant choice to contribute some money and awareness to the cancer research cause.

Every little contribution will make a difference. If you can choose to donate and encourage friends to join in, why not? It feels worthwhile, and I really felt on the day I had a good reason to try my best when running. Especially as my lovely friends had donated to my Facebook page seeking sponsorship.

I was really excited and humbled as the two weeks progressed, to see how friends added quite generously to my cause. I am so grateful for this support.

I think contributing to research is such a useful way to make an impact for all cancers. I am so grateful that my family has access to the research outcomes such as being on treatment trials, effectively helping to fight cancer and heal from the disease.