Childhood Cancer Awareness Fundraising ideas

Childhood cancer in Australia: statistics, incidence & types

Childhood cancers impact many young people across Australia. They typically are diagnosed in patients under 15 years old. Childhood cancers are rarer than adult cancers. They differ significantly from the cancers which affect adults, and as a result, require a specific treatment approach.

In Australia, more than 1000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer annually. The most common form of childhood cancer is Leukemia. 

There are several different types of leukemia that occur in children, but Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) are the most common.

How can I raise money for childhood cancer awareness?

There are many ways to raise money for childhood cancer research. By supporting Australian Cancer Research Foundation you help fund the boldest ideas in research that will help bring us closer to a world without cancer. 

Read on for some fundraising ideas for childhood cancer below.

Five fundraising ideas for childhood cancer 

  1. Take on the Hair Dare – and cut, colour or go zany with your hair to make a statement about supporting childhood cancers. 
  2. Run for childhood cancer research – take on a fun run or marathon challenge to raise funds. Or, if these events are not accessible to you, our Run Regardless campaign is the perfect challenge to take on. 
  3. Ask friends to donate in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts. There’s nothing like the warm feeling of knowing you’ve positively impacted those around you.
  4. Host a Quiz Night. Let’s get quizzical! Trivia or quiz nights are a great fundraising idea for large groups of people or corporate team building. 
  5. Workplace Fundraising – Whether it’s a morning tea, casual dress day, BBQ lunch, Friday social, Corporate Golf Day, auction or raffle, there are loads of ideas to suit your workplace and help raise much-needed funds for childhood cancers 

Ideas for childhood cancer fundraiser names

Coming up with a catchy fundraiser name can be difficult. Why not try using a pun or even a theme that runs throughout your fundraiser? A characteristic that unites your group could be a great place to start.

Some ideas for childhood cancer fundraiser names include:

  • Let’s get Quizzical for Children’s Cancer Research
  • Daring to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Research
  • Shaving our way to a Children’s cancer-free world
  • Racing for Childhood Cancer Research

ACRF can help you on your fundraising journey

Before you begin, you’ll need to register your details with ACRF so we can provide you with a letter of authority to fundraise on our behalf at your event. Once authorised you’ll gain access to our full support for your fundraising journey, to make it a fantastic success! 

We deeply appreciate everyone who chooses to fundraise for us and will help you on your fundraising journey with encouragement and resources to ensure your fundraiser is the best it can be. Thank you for Backing Brilliant cancer research.