Honouring special supporter Holly Smith

This month we honour Holly Smith, a loyal and dedicated supporter whose spirit touched so many people. Holly passed away, aged 89. She has been a loyal and committed supporter of ACRF since 2006.  

Lee Christian, our Planned Giving Manager, reflects on getting to know Holly, her support, and their friendship.  

“I will remember Holly as being, quirky and hilarious and inspiring.

“Holly was an adventurer, a teacher, a writer and a lifelong learner. In her later years, she became a generous philanthropist, supporting among many other causes, cancer research.  

“Holly survived ovarian cancer and said that she was grateful for what the experience had taught her.  

“Despite this, she always lived life to the fullest. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Holly loved to swim and was a regular at Avalon Beach baths. While she had no children of her own, she was a much-loved Kindergarten teacher with a career that spanned some 40 years across several Northern Beaches schools. In Avalon, she was one of the four founding teachers at the primary school. In 1972, Holly was commissioned to write a children’s textbook on metric conversion. Later in her retirement, she wrote and edited children’s books.  

“Among Holly’s many interests was Egyptology and she travelled there and even spent time meditating in a tomb. More recently she very tentatively shared with me her belief in extra-terrestrials. She wrote a book about this which a friend put online and Holly generously nominated ACRF to receive a percentage of the profits.  

“Holly was always great company. In recent years after several strokes had slowed her down, I still looked forward to our catch-ups,” says Lee.  “One day, during her birthday lunch at Avalon Surf Club, as we both looked out at the beach, I mentioned how enticing the water looked. Quick as a wink, Holly responded: ‘Well let’s go skinny-dipping then!’. Her adventurous spirit was always there!”

Holly  will be missed by many, including an eclectic community of friends who were her ‘family’ and to whom she was generous with her time and energy. 

Holly and Lee

ACRF is humbled to be remembered in Holly’s Will.  She knew that her decision to leave a legacy to cancer research will positively impact generations to come.  

To discuss including a gift in your Will to ACRF, please contact Lee Christian on 02 9223 7833 or bequest@acrf.com.au