Graeme Phillips Memorial Ride

Every year, Jess Phillips, her family and the community hold a very special horse ride to remember Jess’s much-loved father, Graeme and to raise vital funds for cancer research. Graeme passed away on the 27th May, 2011 at just 49, from kidney cancer. 

The Graeme Phillips Memorial Ride is held on the family-run horse, sheep and cattle property called Yarrabin, in the picturesque O’Connell Valley NSW. The ride brings together not only the local community but people from all over NSW that knew and loved Graeme. The ride is held to honour him and the many loved ones who have been lost to this devastating disease and to support those going through treatment. 

“When Dad passed away, it was left to Mum to raise the four of us kids. I’m the eldest and then the boys are Harry, Jack and Will,” Jess explained. “Not a day goes past that he isn’t in our hearts.” 

This year, the community chose to wear colours to represent a cancer that particularly touched their hearts, either through a friend, family member or their own experience. 

The colours that can be seen in the team photo represent: 

  • Dark Blue for prostate cancer 
  • Light Blue for blood cancer 
  • Purple for brain cancer 
  • Teal for ovarian cancer 
  • Pink for breast cancer 
  • Red for kidney cancer

Cancer does not discriminate and touches so many of us and ongoing research is needed. 

The Graeme Phillips Memorial Ride in 2021 raised over $7,000 and will fund innovative research that will bring us closer to a world without cancer.  

A heartfelt thank you to all involved for your ongoing support of vital cancer research.

To learn the many ways you can support ACRF, go to acrf.com.au/get-involved.