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Jacqui’s story

Cancer came for Jacqui out of the blue. Young and healthy, she had no family history and no obvious risk factors. Her only symptom was an unbearable itch that the best skin specialists couldn’t explain.

It began with a single, operable brain tumour. Jacqui bounced back from surgery and got on with her life – surrounded by the children, partner, family and friends who were her world. But the cancer came back – again and again.

Jacqui endured years of invasive surgery and gruelling radiotherapy as she developed tumour after tumour in her brain. “She really suffered with the treatment, but her inner strength was just phenomenal. She’d be exhausted and could barely stand but there was no way we were going out that door without her.” – Jacqui’s partner, Michael.

Jacqui spent the last days of her life in palliative care, where her parents, Michael and the children could spend time with her in a calm, caring environment. She passed away peacefully in June this year. “Jacqui burned so brightly. She brought love, laughter and light to everyone around her.”

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Jacqui and her family holidaying in the mountains

“Jacqui wouldn’t think hers is a story worth telling – but if it does anything to help it’s exactly what she’d have wanted.”

– Michael, Jacqui’s partner

Jacqui and her daughter in a beautiful garden holding a rose bouquet

Before cancer struck, Jacqui was strong, healthy and active. “Jacqui was a bundle of energy, strength and humour. Outspoken and determined, generous and loving – the most loyal friend and a wonderful mother. But cancer took that spark. It took everything”

– Jacqui’s partner, Michael
A researcher looking at Genomics' data
A researcher looking at Genomics' data
A researcher looking at Genomics' data
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Around 190 women like Jacqui are diagnosed with cancer every single day in Australia. Donate today and give scientists access to cutting-edge technology that drives innovation and saves lives.