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The RACE of
Simon’s LIFE

Back in September 2019, I had no idea I was about to embark on the race of my life. My daughter Holly was the centre of my world, and I’d just found love again with Carli. I was extremely strong and healthy, exercising a lot. My cancer diagnosis came out of nowhere. Stage 3 Oesophageal Cancer.

My first glimmer of hope

Just a few days after my devastating diagnosis we learned that, miraculously, they’d found the cancer just before it spread to my other organs. That gave them a tiny window to hit with everything they had. It was good news, but I had a long, tough road ahead.

A trial of endurance

The first time I had chemotherapy they had a crash team standing by in case my heart stopped, the dose was that strong. It was brutal, but my only hope – they had to shrink the tumour fast, or they couldn’t operate.
Grimmest two months of my life.

Realising I could finish this race

Thankfully the chemo worked – and after surgery, they told us they’d removed 100% of the tumour. At that point, it really felt we’d turned the corner. For the first time, I truly believed I was going to finish this race and see another birthday.

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Simon and her partner Carli Simon and her partner Carli

“The first time I met my oncologist he said, ‘Unfortunately, this could very likely be a race you’re not going to finish.’ At that moment, I didn’t think I had a future.”

– Simon, cancer survivor

Simon before cancer smiling after running a marathon

In 2019, Simon was a fit, healthy and devoted father. Cancer crashed into Simon’s life when it should have been filled with nothing but joy. Newly engaged, he was looking forward to an exciting future with his fiancée Carli, and his beloved daughter Holly.

“I went into an endoscopy thinking they were looking for a stomach ulcer. I woke up in the recovery room to be told they’d found stage four cancer.”

Thanks to research Simon is here today to celebrate his Christmas with Holly, Carli and their new son Ziggy, who was born in October this year.

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